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Diaz-Balart Applauds $84 Million for Hurricane-Impacted Communities in Florida

 WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­–– Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced that more than $84 million has been awarded to 21 communities in Florida that were impacted by Hurricane Irma. These funds were administered through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s (DEO) Rebuild Florida Infrastructure Repair Program, which works on an as-needed basis and seeks to rebuild impacted communities after a natural disaster.

“Nearly three years after Hurricane Irma devastated many parts of our country, there are still areas in our community that remain vulnerable. Having visited with localities across Florida’s 25th District immediately after the storm, and in the ensuing months and years, I know how important these funds are. They will help bring us one step closer to fully repairing our communities’ homes, businesses, and infrastructure after such a major storm. I am proud to have played a role in providing these funds during my time as Chairman of the House Appropriations Transportation-Housing and Urban Development Subcommittee.

“Florida’s 25th district will greatly benefit from these grants. Every county in our district, and communities from Medley to Everglades City, will see an influx of funding. I look forward to seeing the positive impact these dollars will have in our community, and the lasting effects it will bring. I thank Governor DeSantis and Secretary Lawson for their continued leadership in ensuring Florida is rebuilt and equipped for future natural disasters.”

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the following areas in FL-25 will receive a portion of this grant:

  • Collier County will receive $591,374 to improve a storm water drainage system to alleviate household flooding
  • Everglades City will receive $295,949 to repair damaged equipment at a municipal wastewater treatment facility
  • Hendry County will receive $4.3 million to repair the Four Corners storm water drainage system to alleviate flooding
  • Miami-Dade County will receive $2.1 million to relocate a damaged wastewater lift station to improve an existing sewer system
  • Town of Medley will receive $689,336 to relocate a damaged wastewater lift station to improve an existing sewer system

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