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Donna Wagner
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The Collier County Republican Party is proud to announce Donna Wagner will be launching a Faith Engagement Committee. Wagner attended the Republican Party of Florida and was introduced to the state wide effort to put a Faith Engagement Committee in every Florida County. She is a life long Republican and was active in Kentucky politics, and active in Naples politics since moving here in 2005. She currently serves as 2nd Vice President of the Women’s Republican Club Federated, Naples.

Wagner is dedicated to the effort and in the past year has attended:

Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans

  • Southern Region Republican Women’s Conference in Atlanta
  • RPOF Quarterly Meeting in Miramar Beach
  • FFRW Quarterly Meeting in Sandestin
  • NFRW Annual Meeting in Indianapolis as a Delegate at Large and a Regent Member
  • Will be attending the FFRW Annual Meeting in Orlando

The RPOF Faith Engagement Committee was re-established in May 2019.  The committee rationale can be summarized as follows:

  • People of faith turned out for the 2016 election in large numbers and they voted by a huge margin in favor of President Trump & Vice President Pence! Possibly as high as 81%.
  • In the 2018 Mid-terms, Republicans again had a good turnout of faith-based voters but their participation was less and as a result Governor DeSantis and Senator Scott won by razor-thin margins.
  • In order to win Florida in 2020, we will need faith-based voters to register and vote in support of the re-election of President Trump & Vice President Pence in equal or greater numbers than in 2016.

90 Million Christians in American are eligible to vote, but as many as 40 million fail to vote in Presidential elections.  And 15 million are not even registered to vote.  Even though Collier County is predominantly Republican and has a high percentage of voter turnout, that is not necessarily true for the entire state.  And as a matter of fact, in Florida we have close to 250,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans.  We have to work hard to change that.

The RPOF has asked each county REC to form a Faith Engagement Committee.  The Mission is “to encourage people of faith to become involved in the election process through voter registration, encouraging the vote and voting.”

We want to focus on churches that have conservative values.  We need your help! Please let me know if you would like to serve as the host/hostess for your church and coordinate voter registration events with Jennifer Edwards’ office or if you are interested in being trained to being involved in the registration process.

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  • Dr. Earl Claire

    16 Oct 2019

    Thanks Donna for being willing to lead the Collier County Faith Engagement Committee! The RPOF Faith Engagement Committee is encouraging all 67 Florida counties to form a county-level Faith Engagement Committee and to provide contact information to allow the RPOF Committee to share events and news of interest to people of faith in Florida. Earl Claire, Co-Chairman, RPOF Faith Engagement Committee. SCM for Highlands County


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