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“Every Voter Counts” according to Mary, a volunteer who went from hanging door hangers on targeted Hispanic voters’ residences in low income housing off Goodlette to hanging on doors of multi million dollar homes in Park Shore.

Interactions that volunteers had with voters during the Hispanic door hanging drive were very positive. There were no (verify with Nanette) reported negative experiences. In fact, many volunteers reported receiving encouragement from Hispanics with whom they had interaction.

Volunteers were inspired by the message “Hispanic Values Are Republican Values”. Such inspiration helped fuel the volunteers to spend hours of time delivering the targeted message to the important Hispanic voter segment.

Terry Capsay was particularly inspired by an interaction she had with a young Hispanic woman who was waiting on table of Republicans at a Patriots for Trump event. The waitress, a mother of Mexican heritage, told the group that she had recently received a door hanger with an invitation to the Three Kings Day Festival. The mother shared how she had been celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas with her kids but was particularly excited because the invitation prompted her to discuss, for the first time, the meaning of the Three Kings Day Festival.

We are profusely grateful to the Volunteer Army that contributed their time and energy to the first messaging drive of many to occur during this 2020 election cycle. We need more volunteers and welcome more dedicated Republicans to join our Volunteer Army.

Join the Fun in the next phase of winning the election.

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