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Senatory Poll
Pier Goodmann
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This is a reminder that the RPOF needs your help to sign up REPUBLICAN VOLUNTEER POLL WATCHERS for 2020.

A Separate Form Must Be Submitted for Both Early Voting and Election Day for the Primary and General Election.

A poll watcher:

  1.  Must be a qualified and registered voter of the county in which they serve as poll watcher.
  2. Cannot be a candidate, sheriff, deputy sheriff, policeman, or other law enforcement officer.
  3. Who is designated for a specific location is not precluded from going to another polling room/EV area if the number of poll watchers at any particular polling room/EV area does not exceed the allowable number for the applicable candidate/political party/political committee.
  4. Who is designated for “All locations/areas” (at-large) is not permitted to be present in a polling room/EV area at the same time as another poll watcher designated by the same candidate/political party/political committee.
  5. Will be provided a Poll Watcher Identification Badge by the Supervisor of Elections. The poll watcher must wear his or her Poll Watcher Identification Badge while in the polling room or EV area.
  6. Must bring his or her own materials and necessities.
  7. Is allowed within the polling room to observe the conduct of the election. He or she may not obstruct the orderly conduct of the election.
  8. May observe the voter check-in process. He or she may not come closer to the inspectors’ table or the voting booths than is reasonably necessary to perform the poll watcher’s functions.
  9. May not speak to or otherwise interact with voters nor provide assistance to a voter in any way with the voting of his/her ballot, unless a Request for Assistance Form is completed at the voter’s request.
  10. May make and provide written voter challenges to the precinct clerk.
  11. Shall pose any questions regarding polling place procedures directly to the precinct clerk for resolution.

To Sign Up – Click Here

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