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This week, after being recognized as Number 1 on the list of Florida Politicians of the Decade by Florida Politics, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement.

“It’s been an incredible decade. From getting elected Governor in 2010, serving as your Governor for eight years and now as your US Senator, I’ve loved every minute of working for the state I love. When I ran for Governor, my goal was to turn Florida’s economy around. The naysayers said it wouldn’t work; they said a businessman can’t make government work. But, we did it. During my eight years as Governor, we made things better for families. Florida businesses added nearly 1.7 million jobs and the state unemployment rate went from over 11% to 3.3%. We cut over $10 billion in taxes and paid off nearly one-third of state debt.
When I was sworn in as the 100th United States Senator nearly a year ago, I came determined to bring the success we had in Florida to the federal government. I know my job: make life better for the 22 million who call Florida home. I will continue to fight to keep your tax dollars from being wasted, to keep our military strong so it can defend the freedoms we cherish, and to be certain that America stands for freedom worldwide. We’ve accomplished a lot since 2010, but we’re just getting started, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to continue working on behalf of the great State of Florida. Here’s to another decade of good fortune and success for our beautiful Florida!” 




Read more about Senator Scott’s accomplishments throughout the decade in Florida Politics HERE or below:

“U.S. Sen. Rick Scott’s role in Florida politics this decade has been more impactful than any other elected official since 2010.

Scott is not only undefeated in elections — he’s three for three — he also reshaped the state’s political climate and economy. He led Floridians through the most challenging economic recovery since the Great Depression.… 

Early on, Scott dubbed himself the “Jobs Governor,” pledging to create 1 million jobs throughout two terms, a goal he met nearly two years ahead of schedule.

Scott aggressively ensured Florida maintained a low-tax state image with business-friendly policies and limited, but not reckless, regulations.

Scott also sought to improve the state’s bond rating. By the end of his tenure as Governor, the state’s credit rating jumped to an AAA, one of the highest scores possible, with a stable outlook to eventually achieve Moody’s highest bond rating. 

Scott accomplished that by paying down state debt — he claims he paid off $9 billion — and putting more money into state reserves.

Scott had other lasting effects on the state, too.

Scott grew up poor and lacked access to the type of education he would later be able to provide for his own children. Because of that, he made growing and improving Florida’s public college system, including community colleges, a priority….”

Read the full article in Florida Politics HERE.

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