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This week, Senator Rick Scott introduced the Tariff Tax Credit Act to provide all taxpayers with a refundable tax credit beginning in FY2019. This legislation directs any money collected by the United States from tariffs on Chinese goods back to American families in the form of a tax credit. Using figures from the IRS, it is estimated that tax filers could receive a tax rebate from the IRS for approximately $180 or more for the 2019 tax year.

Senator Rick Scott said, “We know that Communist China is not our friend. I appreciate the President’s efforts to put pressure on Communist China, but in order to support American businesses and families, we have to make sure any money collected in tariffs is returned back to taxpayers. My proposal puts Americans first and makes sure consumers are not unnecessarily burdened as the Administration works to get a deal that is fair to the America economy and American consumers.”

Senator Rick Scott also cosponsored:

See more of what Senator Scott has been up to this week below.


Senators Scott, Rubio and Colleagues Urge TSP Board to Reverse Decision to Steer Federal Retirement Savings to Communist China

Senator Rick Scott joined Senator Marco Rubio and colleagues in a letter to the Chairman of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board urging him to reverse the Board’s decision to shift the Thrift Savings Plan’s International Fund Index to the MSCI All Country World ex-U.S. Investable Market Index.

If implemented, the shift will expose nearly $50 billion in retirement assets of federal government employees to the risks associated with Chinese companies under control of President Xi’s Communist regime, and effectively use these retirement savings to fund the Communist Chinese government and undermine U.S. economic and national security. Read more, including the full letter, from Senator Rubio’s office HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott to FIFA Council: Reject Communist China as Host of Club World Cup

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to Sunil Gulati, the United States representative to the FIFA Council, urging him to vote against Communist China as the host of the 2021 Club World Cup. Read more, including the full letter, HERE.

Sen. Rick Scott: FIFA Council Decision to Support Communist China Shameful

Senator Rick Scott tweeted the following statement after the FIFA Council announced its decision to select Communist China as the host of the Club World Cup in 2021.


Sen. Rick Scott Joins Colleagues to Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Export of Crowd Control Equipment to Hong Kong

Senator Rick Scott joined colleagues to introduce bipartisan legislation to ban the U.S. export of crowd control equipment to the Hong Kong Police Force. Earlier this month, Senator Scott visited Hong Kong and saw firsthand the inhumane methods used by the Hong Kong police, answering to the Communist regime in China, to suppress and violate the rights of the people of Hong Kong.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Earlier this month, I traveled to Hong Kong to meet with protestors who are fighting every day for the basic human rights that are being denied to them by President Xi of Communist China. I heard terrible stories of police brutality, imprisonment and intimidation, and was horrified to learn about the inhumane crowd control tools used to silence protestors. We as Americans must stand up for human rights and American companies should stop supplying crowd control tools to Hong Kong authorities, who are doing the work of Communist China.” Read more HERE.


Sen. Rick Scott: 2022 Winter Olympics Should Not Be Held in Communist China

Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to the International Olympics Committee last week urging the Committee to reconsider its decision to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Communist China.

Read more in the CNBC article, 2022 Winter Olympics should not be held in China, GOP Sen. Rick Scott says:

“… The 2022 Winter Olympics shouldn’t be held in China, Sen. Rick Scott said Tuesday, referring to the recent standoff between Beijing and the NBA as well as the Chinese regime’s human-rights violations.

‘We shouldn’t be doing the 2022 Olympics there,’ the Florida Republican told CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box.’ The games are set to take place in February 2022 in Beijing and its neighboring towns.…

‘Until you become a legitimate country that is going to respect human rights and respect things you agree to, we’re going to quit doing business with you,’ Scott said, also calling for American consumers to stop purchasing Chinese goods.…

‘Human rights are important to us in America,’ the senator said. ‘There’s no human rights over there. They’re trying to take them away from China, or from Hong Kong.’”

Read the full article in CNBC HERE.

Fox News: Sen. Scott: NBA more interested in selling jerseys than standing up for freedom

CNBC2022 Winter Olympics should not be held in China, GOP Sen. Rick Scott says

The Guardian: US Senator Rick Scott says 2022 Winter Olympics should not be held in China

CNS News: Sen. Rick Scott: NBA ‘More Focused on Selling Jerseys and Shoes than Freedom Around the World’

Brietbart: GOP Sen. Rick Scott: China Shouldn’t Host 2022 Winter Olympics

Sunshine State News: Rubio and Scott Go to Bat for Holocaust Survivors and Their Heirs

Florida Daily: Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Don’t Want Federal Retirement Savings to Fund Chinese Government

WABE: A Push To Have Cars Say ‘No’ To Drunken Drivers

Daytona Beach News Journal: Senator’s visit boosts Flagler’s Teens-in-Flight program

Florida Daily: Rick Scott, Marco Rubio Go to Bat for Victims of Identity Theft

Voice of America: Senador Rick Scott acusa a demócratas de bloquear enmienda sobre TPS para venezolanos


The Tax Foundation ranked Florida #4 in its 2020 State Business Tax Climate Index – this is great news for our state’s families, businesses, and growing economy.

The 2019 Medal of Honor Convention is under way in Tampa Bay! Congratulations to all of our deserving Medal of Honor recipients, and thank you for your incredible service to our nation.

Florida’s Lehigh Acres is the #1 overall fastest-growing city in the US, with several other Florida cities making the top 30. It’s no surprise Florida’s cities are growing, with the Sunshine State’s booming economy – more and more Americans are finding their new home in our state!

If you are in the Pensacola area, check out 100 Faces of War opening at the Pensacola Museum of Art this weekend! The traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian, by artist Matt Mitchell, shares the stories of 100 of our nation’s brave veterans.













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