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Here is the post you have all been waiting for. No longer can it be said that I am looking at the pandemic without compassion.
My wife and I have lived it and have recovered (thank God)…

But now that i have recovered I have had the opportunity to look at trends over the past 5 weeks. Basically from the time the surge started until today.
The numbers are set forth below.

6/8/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
64,000 10,942 17% of total 2,700 4% of total

6/24/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
114,018 13,775 12% ” ” 3,327 2.9% ” ”

7/01/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
169,106 15,150 8.9% ” ” 3,718 2.2% ” ”

7/05/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
200,111 15,895 7.9% ” ” 3,841 1.9% ” ”

7/13/20 CASES Hospitalizations Deaths
282,435 18,498 6.5% ” ” 4,277 1.5% ” ”


Look at the % trends. All downward, not upward.
Is there a spike in cases? Duh
But hospitalizations are down as a % of the overall, as are deaths.
Plus, we are given no statistics on people who have recovered (uh, like my wife and me) and no statistics on children.
Europe intends to send their children to school in the fall–I would like to see some reporting on that.
Nope, only that the sky is falling and since Trump is the president, it must be his fault.
Pray for truth.
The truth will set you free.
Peter Feaman

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