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As Republicans, we are fiscally conservative in both business and our personal lives. We minimize expenses in order to maximize available funds to spend.

It should come as no surprise that your Collier County Republican Executive Committee functions just like any other conservative business. As with any organization, it is important to understand how the funds are being used that you are asked to donate.

Legal Rights and Authority

  • The Collier County Republican Executive Committee is THE county organization that exists under the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) and the Republican National Committee (RNC). As such, the CCREC is regulated by the state and must file all required financial documents.
  • The CCREC is THE organization in Collier County that raises the funds for the general election campaign to elect all Republican candidates from the President down to every local official.

Where the Funds Go

These funds are used to rent office space, to purchase supplies, to fund campaign collateral such as palm cards, bumper stickers, and lawn signs, and to promote the candidates and our Party. No funds are used to pay any expenses incurred personally by the CCREC Board. The Chairman, State Committeewoman, and State Committeeman pay all of their own expenses to attend RPOF quarterly meetings, which are held at different locations around Florida. The Board, just like all our members, purchases their own tickets to attend CCREC events to raise the funds to support our election efforts. The entire body has to approve any expenditures over $1,000.

Local Clubs and Charters Subject to Reporting

The local chartered Republican Clubs and Women’s Federated Clubs play a critical function in engaging Republicans and helping to recruit volunteers. There are four local clubs that are chartered under the CCREC and RPOF:

  • Collier Men’s Republican Club
  • Naples Republican Club
  • Republican Club of South Collier County
  • Republican Next Generation club.

In addition, there are two women’s Republican clubs that are part of the Florida Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women:

  • Republican Women of Southwest Florida Federated
  • Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated.

Finally, there is the National Hispanic Republican Coalition of Lee and Collier County, which is chartered under the RNC.

These 7 clubs work cooperatively with the CCREC to form our strong Collier County Republican Team. While each club is limited to spending $500 per election cycle, so most donate their $500 to the CCREC for campaign activities, these clubs serve a major function in getting Republicans involved.

As members of these clubs become more active, they often join the CCREC as Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen. Many club members also actively volunteer their time at headquarters during the election period. These clubs do charge dues and do hold their own events. The majority hold monthly meetings with excellent speakers.

As with any organization to which you donate, it is important to understand a club’s use of funds, in addition to the $500 donation made to the CCREC for campaign activities.

Each Club has a unique local-community focus for funds raised that helps raise awareness of our Republican values to a broader audience.

  • The Men’s Club holds an Annual Salute to Veterans with funds raised going to scholarships for high school and college students who are active supporters of Republican values.
  • The Republican Women of Southwest Florida Federated focus their support on K-12 educational and on Veterans’ 501 c-3 organizations.
  • The Holiday Luncheon of Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated is their annual fundraiser with funds going to various local charities.
  • The Republican Club of South Collier County has grown over the past year covering the expense of events and is now in a position to determine for what local charities they will use additional funds raised.

The Naples Republican Club operates on a basis of covering any speakers’ travel expenses and the cost of the meals served at the event.

In addition to the causes supported, there may be other operating expenses covered.. As a member, you should feel comfortable asking about any expenses.

When spending money to attend an event, It is important to understand where the money raised goes.

There are other great local, non-political organizations who bring in nationally recognized Republican speakers such as the Parkinson’s Association, the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation. It is fairly easy to understand where the funds raised at these go.

However, other events sponsored by other organizations may not be as clear cut. It is your right to ask if you are not sure where the proceeds from an event or a club membership are being spent.

You should never assume that you know nor should you be denied an explanation when you ask ‘where does the money go?’ It is your hard-earned money; you are a Republican; and you are fiscally conservative. The last thing you want to do is to waste money on any event or group that is not using those funds to meet your objectives.

In this election year, it is important to remember that the CCREC is the ONLY political organization in Collier County that can legally fund the local election activities, to once again turn out a record Republican vote in Collier County to re-elect President Trump, to win Congressional District 19 and 25, and to elect our County Commissioners and all County seats down the ticket.

There may be many organizations selling Trump material, only items purchased or donated through Trump Victory Team (RPOF) and Collier Republican Executive goes to the campaign.

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